Come Sail With Me - a book by Wendy Leo-Smith

Come sail with me book coverWould you give up everything to sail across an ocean with a man you barely knew?

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure like this would always expose Wendy to the risk of hurricanes, piracy and dismasting but, never did she imagine that she would have to learn to cope with all of these.

Wendy was living alone in the South of Spain when, out of the blue, she received an offer from Rory, a South African she barely knew. Rory was far from the ordinary and his plan likewise, to sail over 3,000-miles to Brazil, via West Africa, just two up on Zingara, his 42-foot racing yacht.

Deep in the Ocean, Wendy immerses us in the joys and perils of their day-to-day life and, in the quiet times, shares some personal thoughts on her traumatic life gone by. Surprisingly, every passage of their 13,500-mile Atlantic voyage offers something entirely different, from being spellbound by spectacular sea life to being petrified by the elements. The only constant being, sailing a demanding yacht, short-handed, tests their endurance to beyond the limit.

During the five years, their route takes them way off the-beaten-track and Wendy brings to life the vibrant but deadly cities and remote communities they make their home, along with Miss Bella, the feisty feral kitten. She, after hearing the wild and reckless stories of Rory's youth, starts questioning her sanity for blindly following him into various life-threatening escapades. But, is Rory really to blame?

Testimonials / Reviews

 A Very True Account

Having sailed around the world, short handed, I can relate to the well described account of ocean sailing. I enjoyed Wendy's style of writing and her honesty of both the good and bad times. A good read.


You don't need to be a sailor to enjoy this

You don't need to be sailor to enjoy this book. The adventure comes across as amazing, frightening, exhausting but worth doing. Brilliantly written Wendy I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. Well worth a read.

Trudi Dorman

Easy read, great story, would be superbly beneficial to other sailors or want to be sailors.

Really enjoyed reading this book, it is well written and full of description, fun, drama and giggle in between. An awesome adventure that is well documented and detailed enough to be useful to fellow sailors. Sometimes hard to believe it is a true story!

C. Link

An Unusual Perspective

Another series of sailing adventures- including some personal thoughts and experiences to fill in the regular itinerary report. Some honest recounting of the pitfalls endured and I admired the guts of the crew to venture off the beaten track to some fascinating and sometimes dangerous destinations.


What a fantastic journey, what a book!

A must read. The highs the lows and everything in-between. You can feel every wave, emotion as if you were there traveling with them. What a fantastic voyage, once in a lifetime experience they must have had. Fantastic information for future travellers too, It makes you want to take to the helm yourself. If you haven't read it yet don't hesitate.

Steve Cliff

Couldn’t put it down

Not a book that I would normally read, but I really enjoyed every page. I particularly revelled in the excellent descriptions of the many and varied places visited, which transported you to them.

Jean Hurford

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